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Recent Projects and Photos by Vega Mobile Wash

Garage Floor Cleaning in Orillia, ON

Automotive shop floors experience harsh work conditions on a daily basis. Oil, grease, diesel and gasoline are regularly spilled on the porous concrete, often leaving immense stains. This job was scheduled to wash away the year's worth of dirt and grim to kick 2023 off with […]

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Gas Station Cleaning in Orillia, ON

This job involved 3 different washing applications. First, the organic growth on the overhead canopy was removed using a softwash method. The black staining was completely removed bringing it back to a shining white! ? Second, the oil and diesel stains at the pump island were tackled using […]

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Bracebridge Rona Building Wash

While travelling through Bracebridge from another job, we noticed this building was in dire need of being cleaned. We stopped in and asked who we could speak to in regards to cleaning the exterior and were immediately introduced to the owner. He asked if we were […]

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Rock Revival in Orillia, ON

Customer wanted to bring back the natural colours of the Canadian Shield. We removed all the moss and growth and restored the granite to its true beauty. […]

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Generator Trailer Cleaning in Orilla, ON

This generator had a habit of overheating due to being covered in dust with a plugged radiator. Costumer wanted us to clean the trailer and generator to ensure he will have problem free operations moving forward. […]

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