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Sidewalk Cleaning To Make Orillia Walkway Maintenance Simple

Sidewalk washing

Keep your Orillia property safe and clean with sidewalk cleaning Vega Mobile Wash. Sidewalks see heavy foot traffic so it's easy for dirt and grime to degrade the surface making it look tired and worn out before its time.

Not only that but a season's growth of weeds, grass, or moss that crop up in cracks or along the edges can make it a slippery surface for visitors to your home or business. Keep your sidewalks clear and safe when you invest in sidewalk cleaning from the team at Vega Mobile Wash.

We don't just do sidewalks either. Even though exterior concrete is tough, it's still a surface that takes a beating when it comes to traffic and exposure to the natural elements. Concrete washing is the perfect way to brighten your surface but also preserve its integrity for years to come.

If you need to schedule a sidewalk cleaning or washing for any of your exterior concrete surfaces, call us at (705) 345-1812 and put us to work for you!

Walking Path Washing

Whether it's a sidewalk running along the front of your business or a walkway leading from your driveway to your home, it's important to keep walking paths safe. Sidewalk cleaning quickly lifts stains, muck, mould, and mildew, while blasting away weeds that can make a slick, unsafe surface.

Got graffiti or spilled paint? Don't think it has to stay there. The skilled cleaning experts at Vega Mobile Wash know just what to do to lift stains left behind by paint and chemicals, leaving your concrete sidewalks looking like new again.

We don't just do concrete either! Got slate or stone pavers? Pressure washing is a simple way to remove moss and messy weeds from between stones and keep the whole area tidy and welcoming.

Driveway Washing

If you're thinking about sidewalk cleaning, don't forget to take a look at your driveway as well. While driveways were designed to take a beating, that doesn't mean they have to look old or cracked before their time.

Regular driveway washing is a perfect way to restore your driveway's surface without spending thousands. Lift away oil and grease that can break down your concrete and lead to damage. Don't let weeds make your home look untidy when driveway washing will easily lift dirt and unwanted growth out of cracks and crevices to reveal your concrete's natural beauty.

Ready to get cleaning? Vega Mobile Wash provides pressure washing for Orillia homes and businesses. Call us at (705) 345-1812 to schedule an appointment or learn how concrete cleaning can benefit your property.